Monday, June 3, 2013

MORE Tuesday Morning Bargains

I apologize for the pictures, they are from my iphone. But I HAD to let you see some of the bargains I found today.
Tuesday Morning has 60% off LOWEST ticketed price on CLEARANCE
90% off Christmas...these feather trees are so pretty. Of course, I HAD to buy one in each size.
$2.49 for the large one (reg.24.99)
1.99 for medium (reg. 19.99)
1.49 for small (reg. 14.99)


LOTS of Christmas ribbon. 

I HAD to get some of these mercury glass ornaments. They were only 29 cents each.

LOTS of  April Cornell towels, napkins and table runners / tablecloths...all 60% off the LOWEST price.

Jasmine Brook


BEAUTIFUL Drapes 96" long!

LOTS of Bee dishes....

Cookie jars


Beautiful placemats

Placemats & napkins to match

VERY colorful 12 pk !!

Even Waterford linens!




Ok today I went to a different Tues morning. They had TONS of clearance. 

Baby stuff
LOTS of lamps



I LOVE these shadow boxes

LOTS of pillows!!!

I LOVE these burlap pillows

LOTS of rugs

LOTS of ribbon


Glass bottles

WOW! I could not believe the DEALS!!

OK, I confess, my husband wanted to take me out to dinner tonight and I PURPOSELY picked a place near ANOTHER Tuesday Morning!! I am ADDICTED!!

OK, I do have OCD, and this is NOT HELPING any!!

Do you ever do that? Pick a restaurant near a place you can shop!
Go to THREE different Tuesday Mornings (in two days!)

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  1. Wow! Your Tuesday Morning is way better than mine! You have inspired me to pop by there tomorrow to see if I can find any of these 60% off steals! Fingers crossed! :)

    1. Hi Kim,
      Let me know if you find any TREASURES!! I have learned that some Tues Morning are better than others :)
      Happy Shopping.

  2. Oh my word, you found some fabulous bargains. I bought one of those feather trees when they were 50% off, but this really beats that by a long shot. Great bargains. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    1. Hi Mary,
      I went to another Tues Morning today (this one is EVEN BIGGER!!) TONS of deals

  3. Okay, I'm going shopping tomorrow!

  4. oh my gosh, I totally need to head out to the one by me! thanks for posting this!!

  5. Wow!! Your Tuesday Morning is way better than mine! I'm so happy for you and I think I may just have to run over there and do a little walk through!! Hope I find some goodies!!

    1. HI Susan,
      We have two REALLY NICE and big stores here.. and a couple not so big or nice...
      I was AMAZED at the DEALS this time!

  6. You're killing me! Now I need to go to one - tonight! I LOVE LOVE LOVE April Cornell table runners, napkins, etc. NOw, if I can get to Tuesday Morning after work before they close . . . .

    1. At least you girls make me feel better knowing I'm not the ONLY CRAZY Tuesday Morning shopper! LOL
      See my reply to Christine below :)

  7. I had a sweet comment in my head as I was scrolling down and then I saw Linda's comment right above mine....and started laughing out loud..."Your killing me" lol....I was just there a few hours ago...I love that store is one of my weekly stop's....did you get the 1-800 number from them in case you want more of something and that particular store doesn't have it?...(left my cell in the car or I'd give it to you) ask the sales clerk for it next time you's amazing! Call the #, put in your zip code and the SKU will give you a list of all stores that have what you are looking for....I use it all the time...

    1. if for some reason they don't know what I am talking about message me back and I'll give it to you

    2. My name is Lori and I'm a Tuesday Morning-Aholic!! LOL

      DONT Laugh...there was ONE more store in my area (that makes FIVE this week!!)
      Last night, I decided we would go eat on THAT part of town!! LOL
      When I told my husband he says OH NO! Not ANOTHER Tuesday Morning!! (He waits for me in the truck!!)
      Well, it was 700 and they are on the other side of town..he saw me keep checking my watch! LOL I was a nervous wreck we weren't going to make it there by 8:00!!
      I am SICK!!
      WE made it there and they didn't have anything I hadn't already seen (or bought!) BUT I feel better knowing that!

    3. Oh and I didn't know they had a 1-800# for checking stock.
      I have had them look it up in their computer (the one they use for job applications) and check stock at the other stores LOTS of times.
      I don't even want to tell you how many times I have driven ACROSS TOWN for an Easter bunny or a single napkin to complete my set!

  8. I did score a beautiful blue Stone Mountain pocketbook for $25 - regularly over $125. Our store is usually stripped fast whenever something new comes in. It is near the per store so I have (HAVE) to go so our pets will have food and treats. Somehow a Tuesday Morning bag comes home too! Our store is a great source for paper goods.

  9. Donna,
    WOW! What a DEAL on that pocketbook! Makes you enjoy it all the more :)

  10. GOSH!!
    The heck with the dinner, let's go shopping I would say.
    I would love to have one of those stores near me, I am the clearance queen shopper.
    Fun, thanks for sharing.

    1. Now THATS a GREAT idea!! I could spend the money at Tuesday Morning that we would have spent on dinner !! LOL


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