Monday, May 13, 2013

Sweet Potato Vine Cuttings

My Sister-in-Law planted Sweet Potato Vine and they are growing WILD! She recently gave us some cuttings and I was SHOCKED at how fast they took off!

FIRST, let me say, I am NOT a PRO at this, I just know what has worked for us...I know they always tell you to take the cutting and put it in water and let the roots grow..etc..etc..
I am TOO impatient for that, and this way works GREAT for us!

We just simply stripped the leaves off the bottom of the cutting and stuck it in the ground! EASY!!

This is our second set of cuttings. This is how they looked when she gave them to me

This was the after they were planted. You can see the difference between the first set (That was plated about  a month and a half ago) and second set of cuttings. They look very limp the first few days, but then they start to stand up...
Please ignore the potted plant in the middle of my sweet potato vines (thats my husbands avacado seed he's growing!)

Still a little limp, but looking better...

See the imporovement

Looking VERY good

It'a a GREAT way to add to the landscaping..for FREE :)
As soon as mine get bigger, I will be sharing the cuttings with my neighbors.
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