Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cricut Bundles

So its been quite awhile since I last posted but I am getting back into the writers seat again.

I got this Cricut Explore Air 2 for Christmas. I was so EXCITED. I couldn't wait to unwrap it. (Even though I knew what it was because I had ordered it myself! And YES I even wrapped it myself!)
I already had all these saved images of things I was going to cut...but that plan worked out better in my head than it did in real life! LOL
In my real life, I was crazy busy and trying to juggle more balls than I could catch (the story of my life! Well, isn't it the story of everyones life these days?)

As of yet, the only thing I have made are some vinyl bunnies for our Community Easter Event. I am REALLY good at cutting bunnies! LOTS and LOTS of bunnies! ++ 200 bunnies!
I still have BIG plans though of making LOTS of crafts. The possibilities are ENDLESS!
Now I have my eye on the Cricut Maker! (Maybe I will surprise myself, I mean my husband will surprise me, with this next Christmas??)

Anyway, I have been looking at these bundles. This is a GREAT chance to get a BUNCH of SVG files for one low price. I LOVE the fact that it contains lots of different images and they are so easy to load into Cricut Design Space. Looking at this one, I am seeing lots of potential gifts here..Baby shower, bridal shower, birthdays and Easter! Who doesn't love the idea of a personalized gift? Much better than something you run to Walmart or Amazon for.
Yes, once I get better I can make my own SVG images, but for now I am looking for the quick easy way to do it.
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