Friday, May 24, 2013

Before & After Plant Stand

This was a bakers rack I saved from the trash...

Before SHINY CHROME..Yuck!

After some Brown spray paint and a little rusty paint sponged on...some old doorknobs for finials..
PERFECT for my back patio!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Drying Hydrangeas

My husband bought me these BEAUTIFUL Hydrangeas for Valentine's Day. Here they are on our cart at Lowe's.

I had never successfully dried flowers before, so I followed the advice of my FAVORITE Blogger at Stone Gable
I waited for the blooms to get papery on the plant.
Almost a vintage color.
I put them in a couple inches of water to dry
Here they are in the drying stage

This is what they look like now.. Please forgive my reflection in the mirror (I am still new to blogging :)

I seem to have lost some of the color? Although they are still very pretty. Do they always lose color? And fade out?

Any advice on drying hydrangeas?
Did I put too much / not enough water?

P.S. I am not a flower arranger (my Sister-in-Law is WONDERFUL at this) I just stuck them in the vase to show the results. When she comes over, I will have her "arrange" them.
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Sweet Potato Vine Cuttings

My Sister-in-Law planted Sweet Potato Vine and they are growing WILD! She recently gave us some cuttings and I was SHOCKED at how fast they took off!

FIRST, let me say, I am NOT a PRO at this, I just know what has worked for us...I know they always tell you to take the cutting and put it in water and let the roots grow..etc..etc..
I am TOO impatient for that, and this way works GREAT for us!

We just simply stripped the leaves off the bottom of the cutting and stuck it in the ground! EASY!!

This is our second set of cuttings. This is how they looked when she gave them to me

This was the after they were planted. You can see the difference between the first set (That was plated about  a month and a half ago) and second set of cuttings. They look very limp the first few days, but then they start to stand up...
Please ignore the potted plant in the middle of my sweet potato vines (thats my husbands avacado seed he's growing!)

Still a little limp, but looking better...

See the imporovement

Looking VERY good

It'a a GREAT way to add to the landscaping..for FREE :)
As soon as mine get bigger, I will be sharing the cuttings with my neighbors.
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Link Parties

Tuesday Morning Bargains

I LOVE Tuesday Morning! They have the neatest stuff. I usually always find something I can't live without want :)
They were having a clearance sale this weekend..20-60% off lowest ticketed price (depends on color sticker)
I found LOTS of bargains this weekend!

I found these Waverly Napkins (pack of four)
Reg 19.99..Lowest price 7.99..BUT the were Yellow Ticket, so an ADDITIONAL 60% OFF!!
Came out to $3.20 for a pack of FOUR! HOW could I resist??
Of course, the store I went to on Friday only had ONE PACK :( and I needed wanted TWO...Soooo I had to visit a few MORE Tuesday Mornings, luckily there several in my area :)
As luck would have it, I FOUND ANOTHER PACK!! I already have a Tablescape planned for these :)

I also found these brown herringbone napkins for the same price $3.20 for FOUR!!

I have been looking for these for a LONG TIME! Spode Spode Celebration Thanksgiving Turkey Rimmed Soup Bowls
They were marked $7.99 ea..YELLOW sticker - 60% off = 3.20 each!! Can you believe I got TWELVE??
Amazon has them for $74.99 + 14.49 shipping for FOUR!

 I also found this Halloween Garland marked down to $4.99 - 60% = 1.99! (..I dont really decorate for Halloween, I do more of the Fall Decor, but I have a PERFECT use in mind for this (stay tuned for a future post!)
P.S. Did you notice EVERYTHING I bought was yellow sticker (additional 60% off?) LOL
I TOLD you I am a BARGAIN shopper! 

Then I had to stop at my other favorite store, Old Time Pottery. I found these napkins for $1.29 each!
The ideas are already building in my head...

Also, I just have to show you this Tufted Headboard at Tuesday Morning, I didn't buy it (I don't need one) but it seemed like a good price @ $299.99
What do you think?
 Did you find any deals this weekend?
Do you buy after season clearance?
Do you ever buy the napkins FIRST, then plan a tablescape?
I'd LOVE to hear from you! Leave me a comment.
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